How To Attract Man Over The Phone?

Men love to be appreciated. Some men can be extremely shy. Therefore, a woman should always take the initiative for seducing a man of her dreams. Talking over the phone is a slightly different process. You should avoid repeating mundane phrases and questions like how is your day? How is life? Etc. too much. These questions are sure turn offs.

Usually a guy talks less over the phone unlike woman who can talk for long hours. You should be crisp and clear for attracting a man over the phone. Surprising him every now and then with flattering words can work wonders. A good conversation is extremely important for making him feel for you. You shouldn’t go overboard while narrating romantic imaginations with your lover. A little bit of mysteriousness in you can attract him more.

Tips To Seduce Man Over The Phone

  • Seducing a man is easier but you shouldn’t sound repetitive. You should speak different things at times to surprise him with your knowledge. It can be everything. A guy wants his partner to be extremely well versed with the sex theory. Yet, too much knowledge can create some doubts in his mind. Having control over your emotions can open newer vistas in your relationship.
  • Compliments can be the best thing a guy would like to have. A subtle compliment can easily attract your man. You should talk about his beautiful hands and neck. You should praise his physical features. Evening is the best time to call a guy. Yet, a sweet message in the morning could be refreshing.
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