How To Attract Women Over The Phone?

Attracting women over the phone can be easier if you know the art of subtle communication. It is always advisable to start communicating with a positive and confident note for gaining attention from the opposite sex. Women love to date a man who is confident and focused in life. You should also possess an acute sense of humor for attracting a woman over the phone. Most guys wait for calls while the smart ones make calls. Passively waiting for calls from girls doesn’t help much. You should make the first move for bringing movements to your relationship.

Tips To Attract Women Over The Phone

  • Every woman loves to be appreciated. You should praise her skills and motivate her for making her comfortable and happy simultaneously. Listening is an art. You should talk less and listen more. Finally, she will give you a chance to flaunt your communication skills. She will be interested to know about you more as you are always so silent.
  • Being proactive is extremely important for generating interests. Talking too much about the current weather status can be mundane and dull. You should talk about things that genuinely interests her.
  • Humor adds spice to your conversation. You should always make fun of yourself for creating a funny situation that will make her laugh. Never make yourself obvious. Flaunt your skills with subtleness. Maintaining the perfect balance is extremely important for enticing the girl of your dreams. You should wait for 2-3 days minimum after exchanging phone numbers. If she doesn’t call you than you should call her. This gesture of yours can be extremely beneficial in attracting your girl.
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