Personality Traits Of Responsive Cancer

Zodiac Influence: Cancer, the fourth zodiac sign is symbolically represented by the image of a crab. Individuals born under this sign are ruled by Moon and water is their natural element. So, most naturally these people are very affectionate and emotional. Like their image suggests, the Cancerians are apparently tough and obstinate but within they are very loving and often sentimental.

Famous Personalities: World famous celebrities born in this sign are Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Dalai Lama, Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela.

Key Strengths: Cancerians have a tendency to survive adverse life circumstances. They have enduring power which makes them immune against unexpected things. They are the most thoughtful creatures around you whom you can trust. These individuals have a strong memory and never forget those things which are associated with pain, loss and betrayal. It seems that they simply loves to carry nostalgia every times and can place in the table when life demands. These people have natural intuitions to detect both danger and opportunity.

A Cancer will heal your pain and lend you a shoulder to rest upon and complain. But not necessary you will hear the same from him or her! Such is the Cancereans! Their delicate nature is difficult to trace out. Only true friends may have got a reflection of kind-hearted and diligent characteristics.

Weaknesses: Their fantastic understanding of human nature sometimes brings negative issues to their own life. They are not very cheering type of people who will sweep you with fun and hugging. They are resolute and believe in least expression of emotions. So, we pardon you when you don’t really burst into laughter after a pun is cracked. They hide their feelings because they worry if it will be welcomed by rest of the world.It is suggested not to provoke or manipulate a Cancerean friend as you may find some tough words from that side. In times they apply their bitter tooth and lavish intentions but these characteristics are very rare.

Understanding your mate properly is the basis of a relationship. A healthy communication between partners can do wonders. There are various interesting questions that can unlock newer vistas in your relationship.

Suitable Profession: As the most nurturing zodiac sign, a Cancer will become successful professional if he or she takes teaching,laboratory work, painting, export import business and a medical professional. The native born under this sign sign can become well known psychologist, counsellor and nurse due to their nurturing nature.

Compatibility In Love: To Cancerians, our intrusions in their love life may be bit annoying. With all due respect to them, we just want to state that these people are great life partners. They are loyal, sensitive and if not mistaken, sentimental also. So, if your lover or husband or wife is a Cancerean then you can take the driver seat. Do not worry; you will never do a mistake as your Cancerean partner will alert you on possible threats. In love life, they are not very bohemian and charm you with cruising holidays and emerald gifting.

Instead of these things they will slowly tempt you to do mischief with them and later on start playing passionate games. Be careful, they prefer long term relationship with ultimate fidelity and respect. Individuals born under this sign are very understanding; they will help in building their lover’s career.

Cancer sign holders are very fond of clothes and fashion. They will collect typical dresses and will not hesitate to squander the last penny in their purse. Their friends are amused to find the red laced sweater she wore in the picnic of her high school days or the satin shirt his guitar instructor gave him on his first recording! It is evident that you keep your life, fashion, friends and everythings that are associated with your feeling…’ I feel in this way’.

Relationship: They are the people who cannot be separated from their family and home. They are deeply influenced by their mothers. Wherever they go, they make it a point to take a break from busy schedule and have some quality time with family.They make your houses, a home, become an excellent father or a mother or may even sacrifice their potentials in order to save the peace of your home.The apparent hard shell in which they hide their tolerance and fine emotions makes them sensible friends.

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