Personality Traits Of Witty Gemini

Zodiac Influence: Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign is symbolically represented by the image of ‘Twins’. As being rightly called the ‘child of the zodiac’, this sign has some beautiful characteristics, which are simply irresistible. The planet Mercury rules a Gemini and its element is Air. Naturally, a Gemini person loves freedom, knowledge and every aspect of life.

Famous Personalities: World famous celebrities who share this zodiac sign are Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Bob Dylan and John F Kennedy. These people have enchanted us by their captivating individuality and diverse talent.

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Key Strengths: The Gemini Twins are 2 sides of a coin, which cannot be separated. They are very dynamic and want to taste every spices of life. The messenger god in them makes them knowledgeable, intelligent and a good orator. A Gemini sign holder has attractive gestures and can easily make friends without any prior introduction. They make excellent friends and can handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Their inborn curiosity and free spirit make them successful in their chosen profession. They are wildly creative and can give you lectures on every topic, hour after hours, for free. People love you for your childish yet generous nature. People hate you for having attractive body language and communication skill, which they don’t have.

Understanding your mate properly is the basis of a relationship. A healthy communication between partners can do wonders. There are various interesting questions that can unlock newer vistas in your relationship.

Weaknesses: Some people calls this sign a collection of paradoxes but isn’t the life stands for the same? But its also true that its your sudden change in the temperament can become a cause of lifetime’s loss. You are always changing with transforming. You are restless in understanding and collecting information but these traits make you inconsistent and confused. You easily get bored and uninterested and then no one can bring you in your natural mood.

Gemini often checks his or her partner’s loyalty though you are the one who often goes detracted. Mercury that is your ruling planet makes you active but your sustainability is a doubt. Your sudden detachment is a FAQ in your close circle. You find it very tough to stick to a single decision and it is when your friends claim your credibility.

Suitable Professions: You are a genius as your always active brain and fast limbs along with a superb verbal ability. You may find a successful career in media and financial market. You become well known sales and marketing professional. Advertising job, writing and journalism are some best suits for you. Perhaps, you may be a famous socialite or a photographer. Your varied taste can also land you as a fashion designer or a filmmaker. Your sign suggests that you will get fame as a politician, lawyer or even a film critic.

Compatibility In Love: A Gemini is perhaps the most desirable partner when things come to love. If you are a Gemini then it’s fun and adventurous to be with you. You have an animated persona that thrills your partner. You try new things and have an excellent comic timing. So, you don’t get surprised when your friends seek your company in birthday parties and get together because you are the one who will light up the moods. You are like fresh air and always in search of joviality.

In your love life you are the captain. So, its needless to say that you are the one who choose the menu, plan a weekend, do all the reservations, go for shopping to bring a matching hat with your partner’s one and pack your favorite music cds too! You are always brimming with energy, ideas and weird plans. So, it’s quite difficult to move with your pace. You are very compatible with Libra, Aquarius and Aries partner.

Relationship: Your sun sign has gifted you some true humane quality. You are a charming personality and every body feels lucky to be with you. You become a smart mummy or daddy and can become your kid’s hero. Your multi-talented nature welcomes you in every one’s heart. But, changeability is a word that will be always associated with you.

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