Personality Traits Of Melodramatic Leo

Zodiac Influence: Leo is said to be the king of the zodiac. Ruled by the mighty Sun it is also enriched by the Fire element. Sun and fire incorporates energy, generosity and majestic characteristics in the natives of this sign. If you are Leo, you are well known for your confidence and free spirit.

Famous Personalities: Some world famous Leo personalities are Roger Federer , Robert De Nero, Barack Obama, Audrey Tautau, Pete Sampras and Sandra Bullock.

Key Strengths: Leos are good looking with have strong physical features. If you have born under this sun sign, the most notable thing is your natural leading ability. You love to lead from the front and your royal gestures are simply magnetic. You don’t manage to get the spotlight as it naturally stays with you whatever you are doing. Your attractive personality and gift of the grab inspires others. You are very social and fun loving individual.

Everything you do there is a dramatic element in it. Simplicity is not your cup of tea. A Leo is always willing to take the responsibility of carrying a plan. Don’t think that they will do all the hand works; they will simply give orders and enjoy the power. Though you may complain about the bossy attitude of the Leo but you cannot resist his or her magnetic spell.

Leo is represented by the image of a lion, which is the king of the forest. In following fashion, you are the one who will dress majestically with all bright colors and junk accessories. Hot outfits and costly shoes are your obsessions. ‘Comfort’ is a term which is not included in your dictionary. Instead of that you prefer royal jackets and dramatic costumes that rightly reflect your mood.

Weaknesses: If you are curious and want to know whether a Leo have mane like lion or not, yes they do have which is only visible when they get angry. It is a terrible sight and situation when a Leo gets angry. So, do not provoke this sign holder and it is always better to take the second seat when a Leo friend is near by.

It is their super-ego which makes them bit difficult to mingle with the commoners. If you want to take the power from this sign, expect a thunder of violent emotions. They are born rulers and simply neglect you by being getting detached and uninterested.

Understanding your mate properly is the basis of a relationship. A healthy communication between partners can do wonders. There are various interesting questions that can unlock newer vistas in your relationship.

Suitable Professions: A Leo is self-motivated and spread energy to his or her surrounding. He works for a larger scenario oblivious of his self gains. So, your Leo friend will organize party, do the entire heavy task, will welcome the guests and finally delivers a bombastic speech on friendship. Success is guarantedd if you take administrative and share market profession.

Compatibility In Love: From the personality traits of this sign, it is interesting to know that they are very passionate lovers. They are worshipers of bold sexuality and love to flaunt their intense possessiveness only when they need. They are evergreen and try their level best to seduce their lovers again and again.

Though they are typical when things come to love and marriage, they also try their luck in experimenting extremities in personal life. Be ready with your Leo partner as he or she will give you a bumpy and unexpected ride, be it a rocking party within hours, a long drive in a stormy night or an expensive dress in any day!. If you have a Leo love partner, stay calm and wait for his leisure time and then crack your things.

Relationship: A Leo is a social figure. He understand his responsibility and work for the betterment of his family and society.

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