Personality Traits Of Compassionate Pisces

Zodiac Influence: Pisces is the last zodiac sign, which is represented by the image of two fishes swimming in opposite direction. This movement reflects the truth of life and suggests that after death, reincarnation takes place. Pisceans are highly spiritual and loves mysterious things. People born under this sun sign are ruled by Jupiter. Water is the astrological element which makes them emotional and preacher of spiritualism. Their sympathetic nature makes them the most humble human being in your neighborhood.

Famous Personalities:World famous celebrities born under this sign are Sir Albert Einstein, George Washington, Daniel Craig, Bruce Willis, Drew Barrymore etc.

Key Strengths: Pisces individuals are very creative and want to explore unconventional things. Their soul searching nature takes them away from this practical world. Most of their actions are reflections of their inner voice. These compassionate individuals are like blessings to have them by our side. They are happy in their enlightened cosmic world. They are givers and will never harm you. Pisceans with their perseverance and gentle nature can change the conviction of world!

Your love for flowing dresses and sometime minimal ones truly reflects the fish in the Pisces. You love to décor your beautiful body in natural things. You deny fashion if you don’t feel at ease. Clothes and jewels are just material things that provide you temporary wellness.

Weaknesses:It is a well known misconception about them that they are unfocused and detached. But, the truth is that the Pisceans are the only beings who can detect the hidden undercurrents and can facilitate them into a noble thing! Born with natural resourcefulness, the Pisceans are too shy to display them which eventually makes them isolated. you have a certain amount of pessimism and impracticality in you.

Understanding your mate properly is the basis of a relationship. A healthy communication between partners can do wonders. There are various interesting questions that can unlock newer vistas in your relationship.

Suitable Professions: charity, pharmaceutical, laboratory work and animal farming are some best professions for them. Pisces’ love for water place them into marine and pisciculture department where they become eminent figures.

Compatibility In Love: The most compatible signs with Pisces are Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer. The natives of this sign are possessive and can hardly express their true feelings in front of their lover. They seek attention and love and will remain quite and neglected if not provided. Your Piscean lover will assume that he or she might be sacrificing and might be satisfied by thinking this! Sexuality is a thing that will be celebrated and fulfilled if a Pisces finds a true partner. Sex is a very pious and special part of life to a Piscean. He is very sensual and subtle in this matter. Only a caring and equally sensible love partner can surface the fluid sensation of the Pisces.

Relationship:If your love partner is a Piscean then you are in safe hands. He will care your emotions and will be with you in your happy and sad days. But being a polite and soft-spoken individual, a Pisces need a strong and caring lover. instead of expecting him or her to verbal with you, it is suggested that you first take the initiative in the relationship.

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