Personality Traits Of Independent Sagittarius

Zodiac Influence: Lucky you to born under the Sagittarius sun sign. This is a very positive sign, which is ruled by the wise Jupiter. Fire is its astrological element. The zodiac is represented by the image of an archer or a centaur. It truly reflects its ambitious nature and overpowering tendency to curb animated instinct. The Sagittarius is a highly spiritual and peace loving native around you.

Famous Personalities:Celebrities born under this sun sign are Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Connelly.

Key Strengths: They are the most philosophical people who will calm your spirited nerves. They are wonderful listeners who will not bother you by his or her personal details. If you are a Sagittarius then you better know that you are very optimistic. You leave the pains behind you and start a fresh one. Your inspiring nature and love for knowledge are some beautiful qualities, which not many people have.

You are the eternal learner, a good orator, and a music lover. You hardly get tired to explore new approaches. Life is a learning process to you. You love to travel and this is the reason your friends are delighted to have you on any expedition. You have natural leadership qualities. The most interesting characteristic in your nature is that you never select a wrong path as the benevolent planet Jupiter guides you.

Weaknesses: If you are born in this sun sign then you might jump to a conclusion before listening the whole. You might be boasting type and quick-tempered. Your restlessness can make you unprofessional.

Suitable Professions: Your versatile and inquisitive nature names you successful in many profession. Administrative work, public relations, trainer, lecturer and research related work suits you best.

Compatibility In Love: Aquarius and Libra signs are perfect zodiac partner as these signs are sensible and thoughtful. Leo and Aries are also some compatible sign that can keep pace with this traveller’s attitude. He is a free spirit and passionate and that’s why you need to understand the individual’s love for adventure and knowledge. Your lover might be very easy going but he is very strict to his principles. He loves passion plays and will also insist you to involve in his or her fantasies.

Relationship: A Sagittarius native is very spontaneous and creative. He might plan weekend holidays in a spur of a moment and every time it may be a lifetime memorable event for you. This sign loves freedom. So, be very true in expressing your views and thoughts and who knows your partner may turn them into a highly creative one!

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