Personality Traits Of Generous Taurus

Zodiac Influence: Taureans embodies the essence of romanticism, sensibility and sensuality; Taurus is the second zodiac sign represented by the image of a bull. They are perhaps the most honest and loyal people around you. Like your image reflects, you are at times stubborn and calm.

Famous Personalities: World famous Taurus celebrities are William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth II, Salvador Dali, Uma Thurman, Audrey Hepburn, Andre Agassi, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz etc.

Key Strengths: If you are a Taurus then you are a soft-spoken, resolute yet quick witted guy. You are widely known for your politeness, kindheartedness and determination. It is not difficult to understand your motives, as you are as transparent as water. You lead your life on your principles, no matters what comes in your way. You may rightly lend your ears to your well-wishers but hardly incorporate any of their suggestions. You are least open to experiments and prefer to stay in their luxurious warm villas.

Taurus are born with beautiful physical attributes and have long list of admirers. But their innate tendency is to stick one individual and lead a smooth life. As this sign has the earth element in them, they crave for material abundance and food for senses.

So, if you are a Taurus then we understand your feeling about nice dresses, costly wines, intoxicating perfumes, healthy and expensive food items, latest cars and plasma TV. You are the one who loves to sip lattes in a posh office cabin and work for hours and not complaining seriously! You are the dark horse, as you very well know that you will make the ultimate thing slowly but for surely.

As a Taurus, you may be very indifferent to the changing world. Fashion and style are just words for you. But your own choice of apparels makes you classy. Even your casuals that you often wear with blank look sports imported logos on it. Believe it or not, you will never compromise comfort and quality over blind fashion trends and this make you the careless stylish in the gang.

Understanding your mate properly is the basis of a relationship. A healthy communication between partners can do wonders. There are various interesting questions that can unlock newer vistas in your relationship.

Weaknesses: The Earth element makes you grounded and that’s why your practicality in everything may make your friends call you selfish at times.

Suitable Professions: You shine in commerce and banking job. You have an eye for beauty and art, so these professions can also bring success in your life.

Compatibility in Love: In your love life a Taurus is possessive and caring. Your loyalty is beyond any question and perhaps this is the most demanding criterion to date with this sign. They are honest from toe to head with their partner and also expect the same loyal and that also in thick and thin. Your world may crumble down if Taurus finds anything-illicit happening beyond his imagination. A Taurus lover will try to bring all the material pleasures to your feet. They are methodical and progresses slowly, so don’t expect surprise from your Taurus partner. The most interesting thing about them is that they don’t ever forget important dates and will present you a valuable gift that will eventually end all allegations against them.

Usually you are warm and amicable personalities but if evoked it is difficult to calm you down. You show your raging nature and can destroy the peace of mind that you so adore.

Relationship: Taurus makes good husbands. They are loyal to the infinity and take care of your children better than you do. Life tastes and seems beautiful to a Taurus as Venus is your ruling planet. It is an important declaration that Taurus is not very flexible in trying wild experiments in his or her private life. Virgo and Capricorn have the most compatible elements in them to gel well with this most stubborn zodiac sign. Aries, Gemini and Cancer can also be good partners for Taurus.

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